Photograph courtesy of the Danielle DeFiore


Cynthia Glassell was born and raised in the midwest, where celebrations of family and friends were a big part of her life.  At 20, she moved to Chicago, where she was gifted her first camera.  It became her faithful companion during her early extensive travels, capturing many classic landmarks in Europe, the bright colors of Mexico, and the exoticness of Southeast Asia.  Cynthia was now hooked! 

She continued this avid "hobby" after migrating to Northern California, documenting special moments for family, friends, and the acclaimed restaurants she had been a part of.  During this period, she developed a keen eye for composition and light, and her portfolio began to grow.  However, it wasn't until the birth of her daughter in 2006, that this "hobby" turned into an obsession. 

Now, dedicated to her craft, Cynthia specializes in family portraits, staged performances, wine country celebrations and individual milestones.  Her insightful use of the camera creates indelible memories of special occasions and events, instantly recalling the emotions, feelings, beauty and accomplishments of the moment. 

Cynthia lives in Healdsburg, California with her husband, Drew, and their lovely daughter Amelia, her constant inspiration.

What may she capture for you?